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The BinBar™ System

The BinBar is designed and manufactured to withstand the brutality of the waste industry.

The BinBar hardware sits under roll-off containers and transmits weight and fullness data back to the WasteWizer online dashboard.

This real-time weight data empowers dispatchers, drivers, and owners to improve decisions made for the company and customers.

Insights like container fullness give dispatch managers the necessary information to send the right truck at the right time.


Realtime weight data accessible from anywhere

Use the WasteWizer dashboard to see all containers at a glance. Access is included with every BinBar subscription.

Updates are deployed on a continuous basis. Enterprise customers help guide the features we prioritize!

Product Details

One System, Many Benefits

With previously unatainable on-demand weight data, you can transform your ability to outpace the competition.

Streamline your business, keep your customers thrilled with your service.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Reduce upset customer calls to pick up bins

Increase referrals

Happy customers are more willing to refer

Optimize timing and increase revenue

Pickups can be made when bins are full instead of waiting. This enables more turns per month.

Buy fewer containers

By fully utilizing the bins already owned, you don’t need to buy as many containers to up your number of runs. Each container can do more.

Stop hauling dangerous loads

By reducing overweight pick-ups, you save on truck maintenance and reduce chance of citation

Price to reflect your value

With better data, you can charge customers for the insight into their bins.

Waste less fuel

No need to waste gas on light pick-ups

Reduce insurance premiums

Insurance companies love safe drivers. Using BinBar shows you are reducing risk.

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Simple Data, Complex Insights

With straightforward data, WasteWizer™ empowers you to improve your business operations in the competitive waste industry.

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