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A new scale for the scrap, recycling, and waste industries.
The portable, internet-connected BinBar™ weighs containers remotely.

Send the right truck at the right time.

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What is the BinBar™ System?

WasteWizer builds internet-connected rugged scales that continuously monitor the weight of containers.

Durable Scale

Deploy BinBar™ where other scales can’t go.

Convenient Dashboard

View all remotely monitored bins on your phone or computer.

Actionable Insights

Improve operational decisions using previously unmeasurable weight data.

Hauler Benefits

Whether you are in scrap, recycling, waste, or other industry in charge of picking up heavy stuff
you can transform your ability to outpace your competition using previously unatainable on-demand weight data

Eliminate dangerous loads

By reducing overweight pick-ups, you save on truck maintenance and reduce chance of citation

Dispatch with Ease

Know the weight of your pickups ahead of time. Reduce hassle for dispatchers.

Optimize Your Operations

By fully utilizing bins, drivers, and inventory, data empowers you to do more.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Reduce upset customer calls to pick up bins

Trust & Experience

WasteWizer’s leadership has decades of experience in both waste & recycling.

WasteWizer is a trusted member of the waste & recycling community and recognized as one of Georgia’s most innovative companies.

Simple Data, Complex Insights

With straightforward data, WasteWizer™ empowers you to improve your business operations in the competitive waste industry.

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