About WasteWizer™

A Georgia Tech Create-X startup launch and ATDC Accelerate company.

We’re at the intersection of material science and material management.

WasteWizer, an Atlanta-based start-up, develops IoT weight-sensing technology uniquely designed to weigh industrial-size waste containers from remote locations.

Founded in 2019 but with full-time talent starting in 2020, WasteWizer has already accomplished a great deal. The team recently launched their debut product, the BinBar™, and are onboarding customers as fast as possible.

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We are lean, mean, and serious about revolutionizing weight insights

Cross Collaboration

Our combination of software, mechanical, electrical, business, and data expertise allows us to build something greater than the sum of its parts

Deep Customer Care

We love our customers. Every customer helps us determine what to build next.

Real Problems

We solve real problems, born from the actual needs of our customers. It doesn’t matter if it’s not cool; if it helps our customers, we’re working on it.

WasteWizer™ has unique weight sensing technology that is broadly applicable to all industries. The long-term vision is to revolutionize any industry where weight data was previously difficult or impossible to obtain.

With small amounts of data, gathered over vast swaths of situations, we believe this straightforward piece of information can streamline all types of industries.

Empower anyone to know more about their business through the power of weight - the one true datapoint.

Disciplined engineering coupled with a tight knowledge of the Waste industry allows us to start with the customer, and work backwards.

Using the proprietary toolset of data, software, and hardware that we’ve developed, we can provide insight into complex problem using straightforward, but previously unattainable, data.

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