WasteWizer, an Atlanta-based start-up, develops IoT weight-sensing technology uniquely designed to weigh industrial-size waste containers from remote locations. Imgine today’s problem: a home renovation site with a large metal container sit overflowing with trash because the bin owner doesn’t know it’s full. All pick-ups are made based on a preset schedule or after an angry customer call to request a pick-up. Using the BinBar, previously unobtainable data is now provided real-time to an online dashboard enabling enhanced decision making by the container owner. Insights like container “fullness” give dispatch managers the necessary information to send the right truck at the right time savings companies thousands on expenses and opening up new revenue opportunities. 

WasteWizer recently secured $150,000 in seed funding through the Atlanta Tech Angels.

The funds will allow the company to incorporate feedback from early field-testing and begin to scale product operations. 

The (long-term) goal of WasteWizer is to show people the price of what they throw away, that includes companies and individuals. This won’t only benefit the waste industry; it will benefit the world.

Thomas Spencer, co-founder, and Georgia Tech PhD developed the novel method for weighing rugged, meg-ton objects remotely.

The WasteWizer team is comprised of major talent. Thomas’s co-founder and CEO, Jay Brenner, is a 30-year waste and recycling industry veteran with experience owning and operating a multi-million-dollar business. Patrick Doyle has a degree in physics and electrical engineering from GA Tech and is an alum of Microsoft where he worked on the HoloLens project. Noah Luskey, another GA Tech grad has a master’s in electrical and electronics engineering. Another Microsoft alum, Noah brings firmware and software experience to round out the all-star engineering team. Team also benefits from the side-hustle work of a current Google UX developer but she’ll remain incognito for the time-being. 

Founded in 2019 but with full-time talent starting in 2020, WasteWizer has already accomplished a great deal. The company is an ATDC Accelerate Company, a Create-X alum, a grant < > recipient. The team recently launched their debut product, the BinBar, this month and have their first customer contract signed. Moving fast, the team hopes to launch a new marketing website this month and expand the distribution channels available to potential customers. If you’d like to learn more about WasteWizer, email info@wastewizer.com