How It Works

Using IoT weight monitoring technology, WasteWizer helps waste and scrap hauling companies save money.

Add job site

The dispatcher adds job-site information to the WasteWizer dashboard.

Install bin bar

Once at the jobsite, the driver activates the BinBar and installs under the container

Use dashboard

Using the dashboard, dispatchers can monitor weight and proactively assign a driver.

View container details

View detailed live weight data, historical weight data, and location info. Dispatchers can make more informed decisions on what and when to pickup.

Pull a perfect fill

The driver arrives at the job site and pulls an optimally filled container.

System Benefits

Provide Superior Service

Anticipate servicing needs, reduce complaints

Manage Inventory More Efficiently

View container information at a glance, and increase turns per container

Increase Driver Productivity

Send the right truck at the right time, minimize disagreements with customers over unloading

Safe Loads reduce Risk

Knowing the weight before pickup can help you get fewer citations, reduce maintenance, and lower insurance.

Inform your Business

With enhanced visibility into your business, feel more confident about future expansions

Minimize Maintenance

Know when containers are overweight, reducing truck maintenance and bin abuse

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