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In this episode of Tales from the Hard Side our MD, Rafiq Ahmed, is joined by WasteWizer Technologies Co-Founders Thomas Spencer, CEO, and Jay Brenner, President. WasteWizer is an Atlanta-based IoT HaaS company that designs internet-connected scales to monitor and collect weight data on heavy containers. Access to this on-demand weight data eliminates transport of dangerous loads, reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions, and optimizes business operations.

Key takeaways from this conversation include:

  1. WasteWizer identified a problem in the scrap/waste market, and set out to solve it with the BinBar
  2. The team emphasized flexibility, both in terms the roles each team member took, as well as iterating the product (BinBar was initially integrated into the containers but was then pivoted to a detached assembly for initial product launch)
  3. Dipalo’s Residency program validated product design and created a comprehensive design for manufacturing plan
  4. As WaseWizer thinks through next steps, the focus will be on connecting with investors and building out the team, in particular with software talent

You can also find the full conversation here