The BinBar™ System

Software and hardware designed to withstand the brutality of the waste industry.

Simple Hardware, Complex Insights

BinBar™ Hardware

The BinBar hardware sits under roll-off containers and transmits weight and fullness data back to the WasteWizer online dashboard.

This real-time weight data empowers dispatchers, drivers, and owners to improve decisions made for the company and customers.

Insights like container fullness give dispatch managers the necessary information to send the right truck at the right time.

WasteWizer™ Dashboard

Every BinBar measures the weight of the attached container several times per hour. Securely sent to the cloud, this weight data is available in your WasteWizer account.

View all your containers at a glance, or drill down on specific details for a container.

Create an account for anyone in your company that needs access: dispatchers, haulers, management.

Free Updates, Always Improving

All BinBars are receiving software updates continuously. New features are delivered automagically as part of your BinBar subscription.

Likewise, the dashboard receives updates as they are available. Early customers are helping guide the experience. If you’d like to help steer the direction of the product, join us!

container on bar
container detail view

Amplify Customer Happiness

No more frustrated customer calls because their container has been full for days. With the BinBar, you can dispatch a hauler to pick up the container before the customer becomes annoyed

More Revenue Per Bin

By knowing when containers are ready for pick up, you can take the newly available bin to the next customer faster.

Save on Expenses

BinBar insights put money in your pocket. With new knowledge you can find the cost savings you need.

Hauler Benefits

Whether you are in scrap, recycling, waste, or other industry in charge of picking up heavy stuff
you can transform your ability to outpace your competition using previously unatainable on-demand weight data

Eliminate dangerous loads

By reducing overweight pick-ups, you save on truck maintenance and reduce chance of citation

Dispatch with Ease

Know the weight of your pickups ahead of time. Reduce hassle for dispatchers.

Optimize Your Operations

By fully utilizing bins, drivers, and inventory, data empowers you to do more.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Reduce upset customer calls to pick up bins

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